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 If you have never attempted to make this butter you should give it a try….it is incredibly easy.  There is nothing better than pancakes or waffles with this delicious berry butter on top.  My family loves it on just about everything.  Pancakes and toast with berry butter and syrup or honey come in at the top of the list of favorite breakfast foods. 

You will need:

4 sticks of butter, softened
1 cup of frozen mixed berries and the juice, thawed
Plastic Wrap 
Aluminum Foil

Before you begin with the butter and berries prepare your wrap for the mixture.  Tear off a large piece of aluminum foil and place flat on the counter.  Tear off a matching piece of plastic wrap and place on top of the aluminum foil.  Set aside for butter mixture to come.

Place your butter in a mixing bowl and whip it until fluffy with an electric mixer.  Then add the cup of mixed berries with juice into the bowl with the butter.  Use your mixer to combine berries and butter at medium to high-speed.  The butter will turn bright pink and you want to break up some of the berries so don’t be afraid to really go at it. 

Once combined to your satisfaction, scoop out the butter (I use a rubber spatula) and drop it along the center of the plastic wrap.  The trick is to spoon it out in a long line.  Once all the butter is on the wrap carefully take the plastic wrap and roll your butter into a log shape, twist the ends.  Next, starting at one side of the aluminum foil, tightly wrap/roll the butter in the foil.  Really twist the ends to tighten the whole package.  Place in the freezer to set up for about one hour.  Remove to allow butter come to room temperature and voila! berry butter.

Below is a picture of how the rolls of butter should look when you are finished wrapping them up.



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