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My sister keeps her horse at a lovely stable called Foxfield.  As children we both learned to ride at Foxfield and were regularly seen running about, cooing to all the horses & ponies, braiding ribbons into their manes and dreaming about having our own horses one day.  I am sure the stable hands (and owners) grew weary of us from time to time but they never let on.  They were always kind and we received an education in horsemanship and riding that is second to none.  

Anywhoo, to my knowledge there have always been donkeys at Foxfield.  Many years ago the donkeys were allowed to wander freely, I think there was a posse of about 4 donkeys back then, these days they have a pen that they live in but they do come out for exercise, baths and special occasions.  So without further ado here comes some donkey cuteness!!!!



hey cutie!

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