Mr. Peanut & the Peanut Mobile

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I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I bet there aren’t any readers here who can say they met Mr. Peanut and had a look at the peanut mobile.  I know, I am a lucky girl :).

Peanut Mobile

I was on my way to the supermarket and much to my surprise there was a massive peanut parked outside the store.  Evan was with me and we had quite a laugh, it was really funny and kind of cool.  So, we park the car and hop out to go into the store and I remarked to Evan that if the peanut mobile was still there when we came out I wanted a picture of him in front of it.  

At first he balked, no way, that was waaaaayyyyy to embarrassing.  What if one of his friends saw him!?  I reply that he has to be more daring, not worry so much what other people think and enjoy these unexpected experiences when they pop up. Besides, it’s only a quick photograph. (I am sure these words will come back to haunt me when he is a teenager.)

Sure enough, the peanut mobile was still there when we were finished with our shopping and Mr. Peanut was standing on the sidewalk posing for free photos.  I am excited!  This is going on my blog! and I am suddenly walking/jogging over to Mr. Peanut.  Evan is looking at me like I am CRAZY.  

We wait our turn, as there were other parents there with kids, and in the few minutes we waited you could see the whole thing was kind of fun.  Other kids, older kids, were there getting their photo taken and laughing with Mr. Peanut – sort of making fun but enjoying it too, as teenagers do. Evan saw this and relaxed.  He was actually really good about it when it was our turn.  He posed with Mr. Peanut, who I noticed had a pretty good sense of humor, and was okay with the photos going up on the blog for all to see.

It was a good end to a beautiful weekend!

Evan & Mr. Peanut

Mr. Peanut does rabbit ears!

Peanut Mobile

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