Late Night Caramel Apples

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Last night was not a great one for me.  I had a really stressful day at work and was not in my best form when I got home (feeling out of sorts and a tad blue).  I kissed my family hello then began my evening routine….Dinner was made & kids were fed, homework checked, laundry started, dog walked, kitchen cleaned up and then finally I settled on the couch for a little mindless television.  Alas, there was nothing on tv worth watching, not even on the cooking/food channels. 

I suddenly had a great idea…make some caramel apples!  I had all the ingredients (apples, microwave caramel, sprinkles) and maybe a little sweet was just what I needed.  Apples are good for you so it’s not really a desert, right?  Somehow I talked myself into making these wonderful, sticky, chewy & sweet caramel apples.  The topper was rolling them in nonpareils and sprinkles, as if the caramel coating wasn’t enough sweetness for me.

🙁 I ate two of them 🙁 .  In my defense, the apples were very small and I am sure that two of them equalled only one regular size apple, at least this is what I keep telling myself.  

I have the remaining apples ready for the boys when they get home from school.  My youngest spotted the plate full of chewy goodness and wanted to take one in his lunch today.  I had to say no.  Somehow I just don’t think his teacher would appreciate the sticky mess that comes with eating these little gems, not to mention the sugar rush that would hit him after lunch…during the middle of math or reading or whatever.

So, today I start anew & shake off the malaise of yesterday.  Here’s to beautiful autumn days, sunshine and the shower of early falling leaves.

apples on the plate

Dipping apple in caramel

rainbow sprinkles on caramel

roll in chocolate sprinkles


finished apples on plate

As I look at the photos above I see that the grout in my kitchen counter is looking terrible.  *Note to self, scrub the kitchen counters when you get home tonight!!*

It might also help if my boys would get out of the habit of putting their dirty baseball gloves, footballs, sports bags, cleats, running shoes, etc. on the counters when they stop in the kitchen, either on the way out of the house or upon their return.   Hayden, Evan & Morgan….I am speaking to you my beauties! 😉