Weeknight Steak, Peppers & Onions

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I make a very easy & tasty steak, peppers & onions. My kids love it and I make it a couple of times a month for them.  I have to admit that I am not one for leftovers and rarely does it happen that there is any food left after the meal but this is one dish that is just as good the next day with a hot, crusty loaf of bread.

So, start with fresh peppers and an onion.  I prefer red onions but yellow or sweet Vidalia would be just as tasty.

peppers & onions

 I slice up the peppers into even sized strips and the onion into rings. 

slice up the vegetables

I use sirloin tips from the grocery store.  The butcher in town can be a little pricey and I have had good luck with this cut from my regular grocery store so it’s what I stick with for this recipe.  Rinse your steak, set aside and pat it nice and dry with some paper towels.  Season with salt, pepper, garlic and a little olive oil rubbed all over.  

The marbling in this steak is what gives it great flavor and it melts away during cooking to leave the steak tender and juicy in each bite.

Into a hot cast iron skillet, with a little olive oil, I slide in the vegetables on medium high heat.  Season with salt & pepper and stir so the vege’s do not burn but soften with just a little bite left to them.  I prefer them this way but if you like them softer then of course cook them longer and to your liking.  

One thing I have learned from cooking shows and personal experience is to taste as you go along.  If you aren’t sure how well cooked the vege’s are then pull one out and taste it.  Watch your time as well.  How long have the veg been in the pan?  10 minutes….then you know that next time you make this recipe you have about 10 minutes once the peppers & onions hit the pan to prep your steak, green salad, or side dish.  (or perhaps peruse Pinterest or the latest romance novel online. 🙂  just saying)


 Reminder, stir your vege’s so they don’t scorch.


Once the vege’s are finished remove them to a plate and set aside.  I cover mine to keep them warm.

Add a touch of olive oil to the skillet and then drop in the steak.  Not all of it at once, if you overfill the pan with steak the juice released will end up stewing your meat instead of searing it.  


If you have pre-seasoned your steak then you are good to go.  Let it cook on both side to the wellness you and your family like.  We like steak to be medium well.  I can tell the doneness by pressing on the top of the steak with my tongs.  The amount of resistance tells me how well done the steak is.  It takes some practice and again it comes down to timing.  For these strips of steak and at medium high heat I cook each piece a total of about 15 minutes.  They are pretty thick overall so it may seem like a long time but it takes a bit to get those centers to the right amount of doneness for my family.


Once finished I remove the steak to a plate and go on with the remaining pieces.  Set aside your finished steak for 5-10 minutes to let the juices settle then carve away.  

I plate up dinner for my brood with a side of fresh cherry tomatoes (from my garden when in season) and some fresh parsley, roughly chopped/torn.  


This meal feeds five of us with no leftovers but if we have any of the boys friends over then I make double the recipe.  Growing boys eat a lot!  My oldest is growing taller everyday and his appetite seems to be growing in proportion.  

Bon Appetit! 

Weekend Shelving Project

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I have been wanting some shelves hung in the corner of my family room where I have my computer and art supplies for some time now.  This project has never been number one on our list of things to do but we finally carved out some time for it this weekend and I am so pleased!

We started with a blank wall.  I had a portrait of my boys hanging on this wall but it needed to be moved.  This particular corner of the house receives a lot of direct sunlight and that is very bad for pictures and paintings.  They fade and as far as I know that cannot be repaired.  I vacuumed and wiped down the wall before my hubby began measuring, etc.


Hubby is holding the shelf up against the wall for me to eye the lowest level that works for me.


Once I decide on the placement he marks it with a pencil.


First shelf up with only one screw holding it in place so level can be determined.


Once the first shelf is in place the other two are spaced out and centered above it.


Always check that the shelving is level.  It is worth doing more than once…you don’t want to have to take all the screws out and re-level the shelf.  It is time-consuming and frustrating.


Second shelf is up and level. 🙂


Third shelf up and it all looks pretty good. 


Place my collectibles and tchotchkes onto shelving and snap some pics.  I am a happy girl.


I am a fan of Beatrix Potter figurines.




I hope everyone has had a great Columbus Day weekend. Plenty of family time or shopping or whatever makes you happy.


Sunday Night Chicken

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There is nothing better than a roasted chicken dinner on a Sunday night with my family.  I have been making this chicken for so long I could make it in my sleep.  Easy, delicious and comforting….some of my favorite things.

This week has been super busy and I am going out of town on business for 3 days so I have zero time for fancy or intricate dinners tonight.  Boys are playing in their rooms, hubby is hunkered down somewhere on the property doing hubby type things and I am packing/doing laundry/prepping the kids lunches/feeding pets/writing instructions to be posted on the fridge/etc… you get the picture.

Here is my easy roasted chicken with stuffing and a green salad on the side (which I forgot to photograph 🙁 )

Start with a good quality bird, rinse well, pat dry, place in roasting pan.  Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

Nekkid Chicken in pan

I drizzle vegetable oil, or olive oil, on the chicken, rub it all around and then liberally sprinkle with garlic powder and seasoned salt & pepper.  Use whatever seasonings you like.


The chicken is covered with seasoning, the oven is hot, and in she goes.

seasoned chicken 
I roast my chicken until the timer in the bird pops up (about 1 – 1.5 hours) but in case your bird does not have a timer make sure the internal temperature of your bird is 165 degrees and the juices are running clear.  The last thing you want to serve your family is an undercooked chicken.  Your cooking time will also depend on the size of the chicken.  I use perdue oven stuffer roasters.

While the chicken is roasting I prep the vegetables for the stuffing.  I chopped up onion, celery and carrots.  I was making about a 1/2 bag of stuffing so I only chopped about 3/4 cup of each vegetable.  Put your diced vegetables, with a tablespoon of olive oil, into a hot pan (medium heat).  Stir to keep the vegetables moving so they don’t burn.  You want them to soften and turn opaque.

carrott, celery, onion

Tonight I used the onion/sage flavored stuffing.  I most often use plain but this needed to be used up.  Basically once your vegetables are soft you want to follow the directions on the bag of stuffing. Heat water and butter to boiling, add in the measured amount of dried stuffing cubes, take off the heat, stir.  Just remember to add in the veg. that you have cooked.  They add a wonderful layer of flavor. 

1/2 bag of stuffing 

When the chicken is finished you will end up with a crispy skin, juicy interior and heavenly taste.  The kitchen smells amazing and I think I just equate fall & winter Sundays with the smell of roasting chicken. Yum!

roasted chicken

Remove the chicken from the roasting pan to a carving board and let it rest for about 10 minutes while you prep your plates and utensils, or have the kids come and set the table. 🙂  Carve up your bird and plate with the stuffing, add a side salad or perhaps some green peas and you have a delicious & easy sunday night dinner.

finished plate 

I hope everyone has a great week.  Here’s to Sunday dinners together and football in the afternoon (GO BRONCOS!).