Ham & Cheese Panini’s

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I have this great panini press that I almost never use.  It is tucked away in a cabinet and when I am putting weekend lunches together I simply forget that it is in there which is a shame because panini’s or toasted sandwiches are a fun alternative to the typical sandwich.  I made simply scrumptious ham and cheese panini’s.  

I start with a good crusty bread from the bakery, fresh greens, ham, cheese and fruit, either apples or pears. 

This was an italian bread with sesame seeds, baked fresh on the day. 

A little spicy brown mustard on one side of a slice of bread. 

Thinly sliced Bosc pears add a lovely crunch and sweetness to the sandwich. 

Time to assemble….bread, cheese, ham, green, and a slice of pear.   

On the other slice of bread I also add another piece of ham and a slice of the cheese. 

The panini press is on and has been heating up while I assembled the sandwiches. 

I use a little bit of butter on the outer sides of the bread, I like the flavor and richness the butter adds to the sandwiches but you could use olive oil or margarine if you prefer.  Sandwiches side by side on the press.

Lid down and add some pressure to really squish down the sandwiches and make contact with the hot plates of the press.

Oh my gosh…look how yummy.  The cheese has melted and is oozing out and the bread is wonderfully toasted and crisp.

The finished product!  Delicious on a plate with some fresh salad greens.



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