Weekend Shelving Project

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I have been wanting some shelves hung in the corner of my family room where I have my computer and art supplies for some time now.  This project has never been number one on our list of things to do but we finally carved out some time for it this weekend and I am so pleased!

We started with a blank wall.  I had a portrait of my boys hanging on this wall but it needed to be moved.  This particular corner of the house receives a lot of direct sunlight and that is very bad for pictures and paintings.  They fade and as far as I know that cannot be repaired.  I vacuumed and wiped down the wall before my hubby began measuring, etc.


Hubby is holding the shelf up against the wall for me to eye the lowest level that works for me.


Once I decide on the placement he marks it with a pencil.


First shelf up with only one screw holding it in place so level can be determined.


Once the first shelf is in place the other two are spaced out and centered above it.


Always check that the shelving is level.  It is worth doing more than once…you don’t want to have to take all the screws out and re-level the shelf.  It is time-consuming and frustrating.


Second shelf is up and level. 🙂


Third shelf up and it all looks pretty good. 


Place my collectibles and tchotchkes onto shelving and snap some pics.  I am a happy girl.


I am a fan of Beatrix Potter figurines.




I hope everyone has had a great Columbus Day weekend. Plenty of family time or shopping or whatever makes you happy.


Enameled plates

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cowboy plate


I found some wonderful vintage enameled plates on Etsy.com.  There are two plates total, the one above and a smaller (bread) plate that is identical.  They were not expensive and I think they will look great on the wall in my boys bedroom.  I have found it difficult to find age appropriate boy stuff sometimes.  My two youngest are 7 and almost 10.  They don’t want Disney characters anymore and they are not near enough to the teen years to be interested in girls and such.  I am not a huge fan of the generic sports theme, the ones with a football, baseball, basketball, etc. and the boys don’t really have a favorite sports team yet so for me, decorating their room as they get older has been a bit of a challenge.  

I do love vintage things and decorating with vintage is my favorite way to go.   I guess I appreciate stuff that has withstood the test of time.  The patina, the wear & tear, it all adds to the charm of vintage items.  I am an avid antiques and junk store shopper and online my favorite place to find vintage is Etsy.com.  🙂

Happy Friday to one and all!