Memorial Day Weekend

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I hope everyone had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend.  I was busy in the garden, attending our hometown parade, cleaning the grill and a myriad of other tasks that made the weekend fly by.  I think I might have been attacked by a poison ivy vine as well.  I have a breakout of itchy patches on my legs! UGGGHHHHH!  It seems that every year I am afflicted with a nasty rash from this vine. I guess that is the life of a novice gardener….I should know better by now and only garden in long pants but it was so darn hot over the weekend.  C’est la vie!

Anyway, enough of my whining.  

I was gifted with a beautiful butterfly bush for Mother’s Day and I planted it in the backyard on Sunday.  It is in just the right spot, plenty of sun, good drainage and I can see it from my bedroom window.  Perfect.

My backyard had a large slope on one side.  It has been a challenge to landscape and truthfully I have neglected it for several years.  I am determined that this will be the year I conquer it.

The backyard does not have the best soil and what is there is full of stones.  This is part of the struggle….dig out the stones and amend the natural soil with organic material and try to produce something better than what is already there.

So pretty. 🙂


Our town parade is an annual tradition.  The boys and I always attend and for many years they have marched in the parade with their respective boy scout troops or sports teams.  This year however they opted out of marching.  They really just wanted to sit with friends, cheer on the marchers, catch candy, eat our picnic and enjoy the day as spectators.

Old time fire engines, marching bands in traditional dress…classic small town parade.
Veterans marching always make me choke up a bit. So handsome in his uniform.
Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts marching with their troop leaders….I never get tired of seeing this.
It’s not a parade unless there are kids on floats.

I hope you all had a moment to enjoy a parade, family, bbq or just a quiet weekend to yourself.  



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Well, we had a bunch more rain last night and thunderstorms are expected today.  My poor garden is like a sponge, just oozing water.  It is flowing down the hill from the lake up above us, pouring out of the stone wall in a steady stream and flooding the yard. Not much I can do about it but divert it where I can with small sandbags and hope the sun visits us soon.  Of course my flooding is nothing compared to what has happened in Europe and the flooding/catastrophes in the midwest.  My thoughts and prayers are with all the families affected by the recent crazy weather.  I hope things improve for everyone, where ever in the world you are.

I have a few quick pics from my garden, the pink peonies are just starting to open and are soooo lovely.  Also, I thought I would share our tree man with you.  We installed him on the tree when the boys were very small and now he is the keeper of the garden.  He keeps monsters away and any other bad stuff the boys thought of as small children.  Morgan still believes (a little) that there is a spirit inside the tree that keeps our house and garden safe.  For children everything has the possibility of magic…I love that about my boys.

(You will notice that his mouth has some small screws holding it in place, it fell off this past winter when the old and very rusty nail gave up and disintegrated.  My husband reinstalled it but now he looks a little vampirish! :))


tree man

tree man

pink peony

pink peony