Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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I wish everyone a very happy and safe St. Patrick’s Day!  I am half irish, not just today, but everyday and below is a photograph of my great-grandfather, Martin F. Connor…..I think he was quite handsome.  I don’t know much about him other than he was born in Ireland, came to America in 1905 aboard the Merion and landed in the port of Philadelphia.  It must have been something to leave behind all that you know and venture off to start a new life across the sea….he was already married with several children, a sobering thought when you have many mouths to feed and nothing waiting for you on the other shore.

So here is to all the brave men & women who ventured forth from Ireland to start a new life in America.  I will think of them tonight as we enjoy a traditional meal of corned beef, cabbage, boiled potatoes and soda bread with irish apple cake for dessert.  I will raise my glass in a toast to them all but especially my great-grandfather and great-grandmother.

May you always have walls for the winds,
a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire,
laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,
and all your heart might desire.

– Andi 🙂

Ham & Cheese Panini’s

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I have this great panini press that I almost never use.  It is tucked away in a cabinet and when I am putting weekend lunches together I simply forget that it is in there which is a shame because panini’s or toasted sandwiches are a fun alternative to the typical sandwich.  I made simply scrumptious ham and cheese panini’s.  

I start with a good crusty bread from the bakery, fresh greens, ham, cheese and fruit, either apples or pears. 

This was an italian bread with sesame seeds, baked fresh on the day. 

A little spicy brown mustard on one side of a slice of bread. 

Thinly sliced Bosc pears add a lovely crunch and sweetness to the sandwich. 

Time to assemble….bread, cheese, ham, green, and a slice of pear.   

On the other slice of bread I also add another piece of ham and a slice of the cheese. 

The panini press is on and has been heating up while I assembled the sandwiches. 

I use a little bit of butter on the outer sides of the bread, I like the flavor and richness the butter adds to the sandwiches but you could use olive oil or margarine if you prefer.  Sandwiches side by side on the press.

Lid down and add some pressure to really squish down the sandwiches and make contact with the hot plates of the press.

Oh my gosh…look how yummy.  The cheese has melted and is oozing out and the bread is wonderfully toasted and crisp.

The finished product!  Delicious on a plate with some fresh salad greens.



President’s Weekend

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We had a great weekend!  We are rocking this polar vortex/snowstorm season by spending as much time as possible on the slopes.  Hayden is the best skier in the family….he can swish his way down any double black diamond slope with ease.  I come next with a shaky single black diamond skill but most comfortable on the advanced blue slopes.  Evan is (to no ones surprise) a speed demon!  He takes the tow rope up to the middle of the hill, ski’s over to the chair lift which takes him to the top and then simply points his skis downhill and goes, in a tuck position and everything.  Morgan is more cautious but has just as much fun and my hubby rounds out the bunch.  He has not skied in 30 years and I must say he is making great strides at proficiency. It has been quite entertaining to watch and thankfully he has a great sense of humor.

DSC_0790 DSC_0791
Hayden coming in to spray his brother with snow.

Evan looking confident and much too cool to turn towards the camera. 🙂  I may have been embarrassing him by calling out his name, repeatedly, in order to get him to look at me and smile at the camera. C’est la vie…that’s life with me as your mom.

Morgan and my hubby on the bunny slope.  In the background you can see the other skiers and snow tubers riding the magic carpet.  This is a wonderful invention that runs much like an escalator. You stand on it and it gently brings you up to the top of the bunny slope where an attendant is there to help the newbies step/ski off.  Go to the right and ski down to the bottom, go to the left and use your inner tube to launch yourself down the tubing slope.

Everyone was happily exhausted by the end of the day and the kids were starving so we packed it up and headed out.  

I whipped up a platter of nachos when we arrived home.  The chili was leftover from supper the night before and thus assembly of the nachos was quick and easy.

I had a bag of tortilla chips in the pantry, monterey jack & extra sharp cheddar in the fridge, leftover chili, and banana peppers. 

I grated 2 cups each of the monterey jack and sharp cheddar and set aside on a platter with a big scoop of banana peppers.

I cover my heavy-duty cookie sheet with parchment paper.  This will make it easy for me to transfer the nachos out of the oven and onto the platter later.

Start with a single layer of chips.  I try to keep them in a circular shape as that is the shape of the platter they will be transferred onto later.  On top of the base layer of chips spread a layer of cheese.

I cover the cheese with another layer of tortilla cheese. 

Next I scoop on some chili which I have warming on the stove.  I don’t drown the chips in chili, just carefully pour on the chili so it covers the top and sides of the chips.

On top of the chili I add some banana peppers. (Morgan doesn’t love spicy nachos so I do spicy on one side)

Another layer of chips with chili and cheese on top.

Cover the entire mountain of chips with cheese.

Place cookie sheet with nachos into a preheated 350 degree oven.  I bake my nachos for 7 to 10 minutes but oven temperatures vary so watch your nachos to make sure they don’t burn.

I carefully use the corner of the parchment paper to slide the nachos off the cookie sheet and onto my large round platter.

I trim the parchment paper around the platter.  (If you do this step please be very careful as the cheese is molten lava hot.)

Hot and delicious…this feeds our family of 5 with no leftovers.  It is quite filling with all the layers of chili and cheese.  You can change this up and make larger platters for a bigger group…swap out toppings for the things your family likes best.  

I hope everyone has a chance to get outdoors and enjoy what mother nature has to offer in your neck of the woods.


Happy Valentine’s Day

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I hope everyone has dug out from the latest snow storm.  If you were not affected by the snow then it is truly a good day for you :).

We have about 2 feet of snow in the garden and even higher where the boys have created a fort, complete with tunnels to move around the garden without being seen.  Stealth is imperative when planning your attack on an unsuspecting Sebastian or Luna.

I hope all my readers have a lovely valentine’s with someone you love….and if you don’t have a valentine this year, here is a valentine from me to you!

Happy Valentine's Day

much love,