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I was up very early this morning — just one of those days that once I woke up I could not go back to sleep.  I was inspired by my pre-dawn rise to make ebelskivers for breakfast.  I do not make them very often but as my sister is visiting it is a special occasion that warranted cooking up these round puffs of deliciousness.  They are a traditional Danish breakfast treat that sometimes has apple chunks or applesauce added to them.  I have not made them with apples but I do add spoonfuls of red raspberry preserves into each and we enjoy them that way or plain.  

You must have an ebelskiver pan.  They can be found at most cooking stores like williams-sonoma, nordicware, amazon, etc. and sell for about $20 each.

First, pull out your ingredients.  I use a ready-made traditional pancake mix but there are standard ebelskiver batter recipes to be found online.  


Red raspberry preserves warmed up in the microwave to make it easy to spoon into the pancakes.  Set aside for later.


I have these ebelskiver paddles (purchased at williams-sonoma – $12.00).  They are specifically made to turn the spherical pancakes but even with these paddles it is a tricky skill that takes some practice.  If you do not have these paddles bamboo skewers will work as well.


Make your batter according to the recipe on the box or from scratch if you prefer.


I have a batter dispenser that makes it so easy to fill the pancake wells in the pan.  I just squeeze out the perfect amount of batter with no spills.  This tube holds 3 cups of batter. 



Heat the pan on your stove top at medium high heat and add a little pat of butter to each pancake well.  Trust me, you need the butter, even though the pan is nonstick.


When the butter is foaming your pan is ready to use.


Squeeze batter into each well, about 1/2 full.  If you don’t have one of these squeeze tubes then a ladle will work perfectly too.


Remember, only 1/2 full.


Once you have poured batter into all the wells grab your raspberry preserves and quickly drop a teaspoon of preserves into the center of each cooking pancake.



After you have spooned in the preserves you have to go back over the top of each pancake with more batter.  You are sealing in the preserves so be sure to cover each completely.



Below you see the pancakes fully covered with batter, sealing in the preserves.  This step is important because the preserves have natural sugar in them and it will burn if exposed to the hot pan.  I have had many a sticky, burnt mess on my hands when making this recipe.  

Let the pancakes cook until you see the top is covered in bubbles — just as if you were cooking on a traditional frying pan or griddle.


When your pancakes are ready to turn grab your wooden turners or bamboo sticks.  The trick is to stay in motion once you start to turn them over.  Stopping mid-turn can be messy as the uncooked batter runs everywhere. It takes practice so stick with it, you will persevere! 🙂



Success!! All turned and not too much mess.  Continue to cook on this side for a minute or two and then remove ebelskivers to a warm plate and continue the process for the next batch.  The ebelskivers fall easily out of the pan when they are finished or you can pop them out with a bamboo skewer.


The finished product, with a side of bacon and golden syrup over the top. YUM! 


On a side note: the hubby went out for an early morning ride. Brrrrrrrrr!  It was only in the 30’s this morning – I stayed in the kitchen where it is warm and cozy.  

Happy Sunday to all!