First Day of Summer (almost)

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Happy first day of summer (actually it is tomorrow but who cares)!  I cannot wait for those hot, lazy days by the lake with suntan lotion, noisy children, sticky popsicles and the music of the ice cream truck as it makes its way through the neighborhood.  Our red, white & blue garden spinner is all I could find that really reminded me of the summer days ahead so I thought to share it with my readers.  

I am going to try to photograph our town fireworks this year.  I am not nearly as talented a photographer as I would like to be so I do lots of research online and at the bookstore to try to glean as much knowledge and tricks of the trade as I can.  Though there is no substitute for getting out in the world with my camera, shooting what I see, and practicing with the different functions at my fingertips.  Here is to lifelong learning and, hopefully, improvement with my camera!!